Our Commitment to Your Privacy

Buckeye Furniture is committed to keeping your personal information safe and secure. Our policy regarding the privacy of our customer's information provides you with further detail on how we collect and use of your personal information. If you have any questions or comments, we would like to hear from you. To contact us about our privacy policy, you can contact us via one of the methods below.

Mailing Address:

Buckeye Furniture
3790 Harding Highway
Lima, OH 4580




(419) 225-9712

Collected Information

The information we collect, which includes name, address, telephone number, email address and, when necessary, credit card information, is collected when you do one of the following:

  • Inquire about our products or services
  • Sign up for any promotions, contests or to receive our newsletter
  • Receive a referral to us via marketing promotion
  • Take part in a survey for marketing purposes

We keep your personal data, as well as your order history within a secure internal database. This information can then be combined with information that is available for public use that we may receive from outside sources that are compliant with the Direct Marketing Association’s privacy standards. Cookies and Pixel Tags create "clickstream" data that allows us to gather information relating to how our visitors navigate our site.

Use of Information Collected

To give you the best shopping experience possible, we collect your personal information in order to ensure accurate and efficient services such as:

  • Extending promotional catalogs and offers to you that you may find of interest
  • Sending you requested materials
  • Understanding your preference in products and services
  • Modifying our services to fit your needs
  • Contact you about any possible product recalls on your merchandise
  • Gain feedback on our selection and services

No Information is Shared with Others

We will by no means sell or share your information with any outside organizations for commercial or marketing purposes. Upon governmental request, such as a court order or stipulation required by law, we will disclose particular information to those specific branches of government. Information will also be shared when preventing or assisting with fraud protection or possible investigation.

Subscribing or Unsubscribe

Your decision to receive or stop receiving information from us is your own. Should you decide against receiving catalogs, newsletters or other promotions from us or have specific requests regarding the information we send you, please contact us directly at the address, phone number or email address listed above. Be sure to provide us with the name, address and any other information you have provided that can be found on your email or a mailing label from a flyer or catalog. Once we have identified you in our system we will proceed to make the necessary adjustments in compliance with your request. Because many mailings are sent out in advance, you may receive one or two added subscriptions in the interim of your cancellation. If you find you find you continue to receive information from us you have requested for cancellation, please contact us immediately and we will take care of the problem.


Cookies are small files of data that are stored in the web browser of your personal computer and allow you to place an order online via our website. They also make it possible for us to personalize and accent your online experience, creating more relevant information for you. Cookies help us to:

  • Distinguish you upon additional visits to our website
  • Determine the searches our customers conduct on our site as well as how easy our customers navigate the site to find what they want

Pixel Tags

Pixel tags are tiny graphic images that distinguish for us what areas of the site you have visited, while measuring search results and their effectiveness. They also make email messages readable by allowing us to send them to you in a format that translates on your home computer, and alerts us when you have received our message. We may develop contracts with outside companies who specialize in using cookies and multiple online tools including pixel tags to analyze different marketing efforts for us. These companies are prohibited by contract to share any information received with anyone other than us.


We request your email address when placing an order or signing up for any company promotions. Under no circumstances will you receive unsolicited junk mail from us at any time. Email confirmations, newsletters and other online promotions will be sent to you only when necessary or after you have subscribed to receive such information.

Links to Other Sites

You may find links to other sites on our website for companies we think you may be interested in. These companies are independent organizations who have their own set of privacy policies. We encourage you to review them for a safe and secure online experience.

Updating or Reviewing Your Information

You can contact our Customer Service Representatives to make any changes to your personal information that has been kept on account with us.

Privacy of Children on Our Web Site

Our site has been developed for children 13 and over. We do not collect information from children who visit our site. Check your parental settings on your computer if you are afraid your child may be visiting sites inappropriate for their age.